Death Continues to Roll

This has been a shitty couple of weeks. Seems that way to much death happening around us. Today Laura lost a close co-worker to cancer and then this afternoon we had to put our cat of 14 years Tigger down. This last week was horrible for her and it was time. We buried her out back after the kids put some notes in with her and planted a lilac tree on top of her right next to our other cat. Dylan took it REALLY hard. He certainly has Laura's emotions. The Sun Sets on DirtyThis photo here captured the mood I think. I took it in Second Life outside my house on Dirty earlier tonight. The ending of something and the beginning of something new. That is how life roles.

The 80's child in me has me watching American Idol right now. We've had the DVR taping it all year and have yet to watch a single minute of it tonight, but we figured it was the perfect escape from reality for the night and we both wanted that.

Really thinking more about my photography. I'm having a blast doing it and tonight a little minor bump in the road made me stop and think about long term what (if anything) I wanted to do with it. Not sure I need to answer that, but it's on the mind. Could also be the three quarters of the bottle of wine I had tonight. *grin*


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