The Purity of Kids Sports

I love kids at this age when they are playing sports. Actually it's more of a love hate relationship. I love it because they are there to just have fun and a good time. I hate it for the same reason because they are not old enough to totally get listening to the coach, discipline and listening. But, overall it's a damn good time.

Put Me In Coach...I'm ready to play

I took this picture of Dylan at his first game of the season. I liked it better when they had minor league teams because it was fun to see all the great logos and cool colors. Plus then no one cared what team they were. Of course no one is the Yankees. This is New England afterall and even at a young age kids know the proper chant for that team.

I hope I get to take some more photos this year. I didn't volunteer to be an assistant coach but told the coach that I'd help when I can and that seems to be all the time now. I wanted to take a bunch of action shots to get better shooting motion with the camera, but it just didn't work that way. I do love the little smirk on his face. You can't tell but he was running across the field towards me when I captured this.

The funk is gone. Thank you to everyone for your suggestions and words of encouragement. I think it just had to do with really moving past my grandfather. I certainly didn't grieve properly when I was up for the funeral. Not that there IS a proper way, but you know what I mean.

Things are rolling right along. Next week I'll take another two day trip and then the week after that I'll be in Chicago for a quick trip. Hoping to have dinner with some people on the 15th in Chicago if people are around. I've got one definite confirmed and would love to just hang out, have a good meal and I'm sure some damn fine conversation.

Baseball is fun. It reminds me to be silly, have fun and just don't forget to be silly as much as possible. I love making my kids just look at me and shake their heads. That's what a Dad is suppose to do!

Start Cooking

Friday Morning Eggs