The Power of One Little Tweet

It is a rainy Boston Saturday. As I sat on the couch, taking the first sips of coffee with my computer on my lap I saw a back and forth on Twitter happening about Sesame Street, my initials and a bunch of other randomness. Of course, as I will often do, I sent a reply to one of my buddies stating how much I'd love to some day get on Sesame Street and how I grew up loving the show.

It was an offhand comment that any of us could make, but the funny thing was that this wasn't enough for my buddy Schneider Mike.

The next thing I know I check back into TweetDeck and see this tweet kicking off a mini push to try and get me on Sesame Street. You can read the blog post here.

Now, who knows if this will end up getting me ever on Sesame Street, but that really isn't the point. The point to me is that this is what social media is all about. Anyone can get a spark of an idea and run with it as hard and fast as they want. No one had to give anyone permission to decide and start doing this. He didn't think about the ROI or reason. He was just compelled for reasons only known to him and he did it. That is what I love about this space.

I also love that I've got a community of people around me who are good hearted souls and we all help each other out. From the littlest of gestures to the biggest of favors. The true power has always been about the people and that is why this little thing made my morning. Of course it also made me pull up my all time favorite segment from the show.


Of course I've also got a big grin on my face as me and the kids are laughing at how funny this all is. But, if Snuffleupagus gives me a call I'll be sure to let you know. That would be some awesome fun for Digital Dads!

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