Inbound Marketing Summit

This week started my mini marathon of conferences and speaking. Sure, I'm not Brogan buried quite yet, but it is still quite a bit for me. 3997548266_197173ec2d

This picture taken by my good friend (and great photographer) Derek Wilmot was taken during my presentation at Inbound Marketing Summit here in Boston. Episode 86 of Managing the Gray sums up my presentation so give it a listen if you are interested. Also, if curious you can see my IMS09 pictures as well.

The event was great as always. Hosting it at Gillette Stadium is one of my favorite parts about it since it is so close to my house and I love the set up of it all. Great to reconnect with so many people that I haven't seen in a while and to meet a lot of great new ones well. Plus, how can you argue with having a location that allows you to walk across the parking lot and grab some Five Guys for lunch when the urge hits? *grin*

After this event I realized that one thing I'm going to be doing a lot of is telling people more about Campfire and what we do. This of course is exciting and fun. I was even interviewed by Nate Riggs to discuss some of our work.

I love seeing all the people and making new connections, but travel is also a drain on me. The time away from the hugs of my wife and the laughs of my kids is never an easy thing, but it is part of the life so we learn to live with it. Up next is Vegas for me an Blogworld Expo where I get to talk about building passionate communities.

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