On My Way to the World Domination Summit

On My Way to the World Domination Summit

Right now I'm somewhere over America on my way to San Francisco and then on to Portland, OR to attend World Domination Summit 2012.

This is the first conference I've paid completely for in a number of years and while I'd love to be on stage, I'm excited to be there fully as a participant. Plus, I'm jazzed to be returning to Portland because I fell in love with the city when I spoke there on the Content Rules book tour and it'll be great to return!

Ever since I first heard my dear friend Karen Walrond first mention the event last year I've been curious. Then when I found out it was created by Chris Guillebeau I was hooked.

This is only the second year, but it was so popular last year that this years tickets were opened in blocks and sold out almost immediately after they were announced. As someone who has thought about putting on my own event (I'm scared of the logistics of it), I can't imagine how psyched Chris and his team must be for the success.

Because I know plenty of you are going to be wondering what this event is all about, watch this video to get an idea.

If you are attending, please be sure to say hi. I'll be the guy walking around with my GORUCK on my back and my camera in my hand. I'm looking forward to catching up with a few old friends and really excited to be meeting so many new ones. Hoping I can squeeze in a couple of Passion Hit TV interviews as well, but we shall see.

You can follow along with the #WDS2012 tag if you can't be in good old PDX.