Developing a Reputation

Developing a Reputation


When we were younger, our parents would always warn us about developing a reputation. This was said as if the only reputation one could develop was a bad one.

I discuss in Amazing Things Will Happen that everyone should be concerned about their reputation, but why not strive to insure that it is a reputation for being trustworthy, loyal and kind?

Last week, I found my reputation front and center and for some reason it gave me pause.

The World Domination Summit is a unique conference experience that I've raved about here and here. In only it's second year, Chris Guillebeau and team have created something very special. With only 500 attendees the first year, 1,000 the second and who knows how many next year it is doing very well.

Tickets are not easy to get. They go on sale and sell out in a matter of hours if not minutes. So, when the first batch of tickets were announced last week, I made sure to tell everyone I know so that they didn't miss out.

As expected the tickets sold out before the end of the day and I noticed that several of my friends had purchased tickets thanks to the Facebook integration with Eventbrite.

Then something began to happen that I wasn't ready for.

My friends began publicly sharing that the reason they bought their ticket was based on my endorsement.

First, I saw DJ Waldow share this.

Then Steve Garfield said something similar.

It was also happening on Twitter as Cara Posey shared.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm comfortable with everything I've shared about the event and the fact that each of these people trust me enough to purchase a $500 ticket and spend all the money that goes along with attending an event based on my simple words.

What gave me pause is that we each need to be sure that we are that comfortable with what we endorse and rave about.

My experience at this event was stellar, but what if this year it gets too big and loses some of the magic that I loved. What if it is a flop and all of these friends returned anger and disillusioned from the event and thus never trust my recommendation for anything again?

A reputation takes years to build, but can be destroyed in an instant. Always keep that in mind with every action you take.


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