World Domination Summit Has Been Dangerously Awesome

World Domination Summit Has Been Dangerously Awesome


My body is on East Coast time, so another morning on the road finds me vertical earlier than I should be.

Yet, the sun is up and in the distance past the buildings and streets of Portland I can see the mountains in the red of the early morning glow. The hotel room coffee may be a bit bitter and weak, but I'll enjoy my view, collect my thoughts and roll on with the day as any smart man should.

The World Domination Summit is a crazy name for a conference. It instantly confuses people. It makes them crack jokes. They wonder what sort of crazy cult you've gotten involved with.

I spent yesterday surrounded by the most beautiful of crazy people and I'm alright with that. They are small business owners, artists, true intellectuals and more than one dreamer. While we come from different corners of the globe and work in every field imaginable, it isn't about what we do. This conference is full of people with the same vibe and approach to life.

As the conference creator Chris Guillebeau described it as he kicked off the show, we are about community, adventure and service.

World Domination Summit 2012

Yesterday I had my mind expanded by Dr. Brené Brown, my heart broken by Scott Harrison and ass kicked into high gear by Scott Belsky.

On top of that I met a kindred spirit Melissa Dinwiddie who described herself to me as an "artist and creative instigator." I was reminded of the simple things that can make a big impact by Jonathan Fields, all the while realizing that I need to spend more time with him away from conferences. Then during lunch over trays of spicy Korean BBQ in the park with Krista from Blissful Media Group I learned about global garbage and the economics behind it from all the research that Katrina Mitchell has done.

There is still another full day of sessions and workshops. My brain will continue to be stimulated and my heart will swell.

Scott Harrison from Charity: Water at WDS2012

I'm invigorated to be at an event where very few people know me or my story. I love that we talk about our passions and dreams before what words are on our business cards. The focus is not on the latest technology or social strategy. We are talking about making our lives better on our terms.

Every single person I meet and say hello to is up to something amazing and I love that.

World Domination Summit is officially a dangerous event in the best possible way!

The People and Magic of World Domination Summit 2012

The People and Magic of World Domination Summit 2012

On My Way to the World Domination Summit

On My Way to the World Domination Summit