A Little Bit of Everything

So this whole publicity crap that made Boston a mess yesterday is still on my mind. What bothers me most I think is as I stop and think about it is that I'm not only pissed at the agency who came up with the idea, but I'm also a little disappointed in Boston's Police. If these things have been up for a few weeks how come no one has noticed them until now. Don't we have Homeland Security people with big budgets running around the country protecting us? Thats what I keep hearing anyways. How did they miss this? Makes you wonder where all that money is going doesn't it? Best BudsDon't want to be a downer this morning because I'm in a really good mood. Even though I had meetings late last night they were productive. Plus I'm working on a new project on crayon that I'm having a blast with. I guess I'm psyched because it's a combination of a brand new company, a unique product and some one that I think most wouldn't think about leveraging new media and they are. That's a damn cool combination.

Today I'm also speaking to a class in Second Life. They came to my attention when I saw a blog post from one of the students mentioning they went on a scavenger hunt that took them to Crayonville. Next thing I know the professor is asking me if his student can meet with me during class in world. Hell yeah! Of course. So after Coffee With crayon this morning I get to do that. Looking forward to it.

In the back of mind all day today will be Laura. She is getting her hair cut after work today. Or maybe I should say CHOPPED after work. She's making it short enough to donate to Locks of Love which is a great organization. She looks great with short hair too, but I will miss it. I took some pictures this morning to make a before and after shot later tonight. Emily thought it was funny when she heard that mommy's hair would be shorter then hers by the end of the day.

Ok, time to rock. Yesterday my motivation was hiding from me, but today's it's front and center. Must be the cranking tunes. "Big Machine" by Velvet Revolver just came on via the shuffle mode. I think the sub woofer scared Roxie.

Me & the Professor

Attack of the Alpha Adopters