Attack of the Alpha Adopters

Last night was my first time attending a Boston Web Innovators Group meeting. I have to say that it wasn't quite what I was expected. MUCH more crowded and shorter then I even imagined. Half of the crowd at the Web Innovators MeetingTwo products really stood out in my mind as ones that smart VC people will invest in. Check these guys out as I think they are onto something.

MyPunchbowl at it's simplest description is a much better version of evites. But, what I like about it is the clean simple interface and the way it leverages what other people have done. What I mean is that I can look at where other people have held events in other cities, who did they use as a cateror and check out photos they and their friends took and posted to Flickr. The fact that it leverages other technologies rather then forcing you to put everything in yet another social network (Y.A.S.N.?) make me happy. There is something here and I'm going to have fun watching it grow.

MobaTalk still has my mind in overdrive this morning. After the meeting the founders joined some of us for coffee and dessert nearby and the conversation was amazing where this could go. Imagine a plug in to your already existing blog that will allow people to EASILY post video, audio and text base comments. Imagine if I could have a widget on my blog that shows the last 5 comments I left through this system on other blogs and people could go and check out the posts and the comments. It's simple, powerful and damn I want it on my blog NOW! How these guys have skirted under the radar is beyond me. After last night I hope people step up and make this as big as it could be.

There were other products. I like the potential of Guild Cafe for gamers and spotstory for those with wanderlust.

Of course the best part for me was sitting around a table and recording a Slackercast with Chris Brogan, Steve Garfield, Dan Gorgone and Bryan Person. Then later the guys from MobaTalk joined us and so did Indigo from Top Ten Sources.

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