Back In the Groove and Full of Photo Wants

I've felt all out of whack lately without a way to record podcasts. I didn't think it would distract me as much as it did, but damn it sucked for a long time. But, I'm back and even though I'm getting the whole Ubercaster work flow figured out for me, it is going really well and that means a new Accident Hash and a new Managing the Gray so I'm pretty damn psyched. WTF?Photography has been on my mind a lot lately. I've been reading more about it and watching a lot of video as well. Of course all this inspiration should then be channeled into playing with my lights and shooting a lot of photos, but there just isn't time for that right now. I know the only way to get better is to shoot constantly and experiment and that is what I'm hoping to find some more time for, but it just hasn't been there.

School is just about done for the kids and that means drama and lacrosse will be done as well which will free up some time. I've also got to clean up the basement a bit so that I can set up my lights and learn to shoot better with them. I might have to find some other "models" besides the kids because they will get sick of it really quick. Anyone in the area want some new photos of them? I've got some people in mind that I really want to get in front of my camera, but not till I'm sure I can do them justice.

I did get to have a fun photoshoot the other night for a secret project that is the brainchild of Dave Delaney. I still can't believe he convinced me to do it, but the people that will benefit from it made it all worth while. The picture here is an outtake from that shoot.

We are also gearing up to head to Florida soon for a family vacation. This will be the first time the kids have gone and we've got plans to do Disney and Aquatica, but are figuring out what else to do. Let me know if you have suggestions. I have a feeling I'm going to get more then one Digital Dads post out of this trip. Hopefully all for the good! *laugh*

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