The Long and Short Walk of Life

The Long and Short Walk of Life

Vermont Dirt Road Life is extremely short.

While days will drag on and never seem to end. Others fly by and you barely got a chance to enjoy them.

We've all heard the jokes about getting older, getting crabbier and yelling, "Get Off My Lawn!" more than once.

Age is a relative thing of course, but over the last few years I've come to realize that for me it isn't about becoming crankier, but rather about knowing exactly where the line is for what I will put up with and what I don't have time for.

This election has shined a light on people's true feelings. No matter who you are voting for, people share their inner truth by what memes, "facts" and content they share across social media.

This has lead to plenty of pruning of feeds.

I have no problem with a difference of opinions, but I have zero tolerance for hate and lies.

Priorities and permanence come to mind no matter if I'm buying a new piece of gear or deciding what to do with my day. I think beyond the moment, the impulse and take the time to truly think about the long term at all times.

If I died tomorrow, what would you say about me? Who would remember me and what light would it be in? What would be left behind for my kids to show others?

I choose not to surround myself with hate because I know all I have to do is open a window, walk down the street or open an app to find plenty of it.

Life is about living. Making the most of the few minutes we have.

Laughs with friends. Hugs with loved ones. Long walks with dogs.

There are fewer years ahead of me than behind and I'm choosing to make sure they are as good as possible.

Lots of work to do.

Lots of bullshit to ignore.

Onward and upward we go.

Make it a great day.

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