Flip Flopping Parents

Emily mentioned this the other night when Laura had an after work event. She mentioned in reference to the fact that we keep flip flopping being away. Today is a perfect example as I get home from two days in Atlanta for Virtual Thirst and Laura is heading out today for the Manic Mommies Escape Weekend. The kids have gotten use to our busy schedules, but still I wonder about them sometimes. It is clear that they notice these things and I know they voice their opinions if it becomes a problem so I'm not that worried about it, but it does grind in my mind sometimes.

Dylan has his last soccer game in the morning. Thankfully it is at 11 so hopefully it will have warmed up a little bit. Can't be much worse then the freezing wind and rain we had last weekend. Then my parents are coming down on Sunday. Dad and I are going to drop some dead trees on the property and split them for firewood. It'll be nice to get rid of them. When my Dad first saw the house he commented on how our neighbors had some dead trees. I giggled and informed him that was our land too.

All in all another great week. Tonight, I'll Believe You opens in theaters, Rhett Butler's People came out in bookstores this week and we landed American Eagle Outfitters as a client. Yup, can't complain too much about this week. It's been a good one.

No travel next week that I know of. I did book speaking engagements in Baltimore and Nashville for 2008 over the weekend so that is cool. I've also been reading David Maister's latest book that I got a preview copy of. Makes for dangerous reading in an airplane where you've got nothing but the book and your thoughts. Leads to all sorts of fun things!

Manic Mommies Escape Weekend

Virtual Thirst Launch Team