Starting Off the Week

On Monday mornings I always open my calendar and look at the week ahead. I also look at the big calendar in our kitchen to make sure things are in sync. Somehow they never completely are. It became instantly clear that this week will in fact be another busy one. Rumor is that we'll be closing this week. Laura and I are a bit stressed, but we got thinking about the buyers and how stressed they have got to be right about now. We don't know much about them, but we do know it is their first house. I remember those moments. They've got to be going nuts.

On top of this, Wednesday I have my meeting with the accountant. Never know how that is going to go. I've also got parent teacher conferences for both kids that day. Then on Thursday I head out to Arkansas to speak at the PRSA 2008 Southwest District Conference. It is going to be a fly out, speak and then come home type of trip.

Manic Mommies Prepare to Record

This weekend was very productive. Because The Manic Mommies were coming over to record we gave the house a big old clean. That always feels good. We recorded an episode of their show talking about parenting and bringing a little dad side of the story to their show. Then we recorded an episode of Managing the Gray talking about the business side of their lives. It was a last minute thing and I wish they could have hung out longer, but we had a blast for sure. You can see them here setting up for recording their show.

We also tried a new wine that I first read about on the Babson Blog because the guy making it is an alum from there. I'm going to do a full write up, but I can tell you that Laura and I loved it. It was a 2006 Lodi Zinfandel (French Oak) from Draconis Vinyards. I know it is not in wide circulation yet as the vineyard is just getting up and going, but the wine was great. I can't wait to try the other bottle I have.

Looks like the sun has decided it wants to come out today. A very nice way to start the week for sure.

Aquafina "Enhanced Water Beverage"

Rolling Into the Weekend