Aquafina "Enhanced Water Beverage"

Originally uploaded by CC Chapman.

The team at Aquafina saw my recent post about Snapple's new "water" and sent me some of their brand.

What I like about this already is that this one has no calories in it like water should. But it has Vitamin B and caffeine in it. Sort of tastes like an unchalk like version of Tang to be honest with you. Not bad at all.

I like that they call it a "water beverage" since it is not water as everyone pointed out last time. Kudos to their team for paying attention to their competitors and doing a little outreach.

They have some other flavors that they sent too, but I haven't tried those. The other ones have calories though so it makes you wonder what they put in them.

As I'm drinking more I'm noticing a slight after taste. I think I'll be sticking with regular water for the most part, but every once and a while for a break a beverage like this (from whatever brand I don't know yet) will be a nice change of pace. It is certainly better for me then reaching for a soda when I crave a change.

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