Little Bits of Broken Buzz

I've really been getting a lot out of Google Buzz. For me it filters out a lot of the noise and allows me to get the content from the people I really want to get it from. I've also had a lot of reward from using it as a publishing platform as well. While there are still plenty of tweaks I'd love to see them make to it, I'm enjoying it and getting more out of it then I expected.

But, twice I've had a little something go wrong like this morning when I saw this in my inbox because someone replied to it.

Now, this is no big deal, it looks like I shared a photo from someone's Flickr stream. In this case it is my buddy Nico's picture.

The problem is that I've never even seen this picture, let alone shared it on Buzz.

This is the second time it has happened. Thankfully it hasn't been anything inappropriate or bad in any way, but there is something wrong out there that could lead to some uncomfortable positions for people if stuff gets shared that they didn't want to.

I'm not overly worried at the minute, but I'm curious if others have had this happen or not.

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