High Probability of Ass Kicking

I'm in one of those moods. No, not a bad mood or a funk or anything like that. I'm just not in the mood for any bullshit from anyone today and based on the amount of meetings and work I have to do today I'm sure someone is going to trip me off in the wrong direction. *laugh* I've been busy already this morning and it feels good. I've edited and posted crayonCast #22, listened to Steve an I on SecondCast, wrote a quick review of The Dip over on Managing the Gray and responded to a pile of e-mails. I've still got another pile to go through (yes I try to organize my e-mails) so we'll see if I can get through some of those during some of the lesser interactive calls I have this morning.

Homefry ParadiseToday is also Emily's 6th birthday. My little girl is growing up. This one is not hitting me as hard as last year. I guess going from four to five is big, but not so big when they turn six. We had fun yesterday teaching her to ride her first bike without training wheels. She is doing really good. I think the next time we get her out there she'll be off and riding without any problems. I can't wait to take family bike rides on the new trail around here. It'll be a lot of fun. I have fond memories of taking these as a family when I was younger.

Looks like it is going to be a great day outside today. I won't feel any of it, but I've got to remember to turn on the hose to water the lawn. It is not too dry yet, but it could use a little water. Especially with all the sun forecasted this week it'll be perfect.

As I was writing this I just got the photo shown from John Piercy e-mailed to me. Totally made my morning!

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