On the Upswing

I'm drinking coffee this morning so that has got to be a sign that I'm feeling better. I'm not 100% yet, but I am certainly better then I was yesterday. Thanks for all the kind skypes and e-mails from people. You all rock. Morning CoffeeThere was a Feedburner event/gathering last night at Boston Beer Works. I'll be honest that I'm not sure what it was since so many people didn't seem to know about it. I got an invite from one of my buddies that works there and I've seen some pictures on Flickr about it. I know they are doing another on in New York City this week as well. I would have killed for some deep fried pickles and nachos from the Beer Works, but that just wasn't going to happen.

I've learned that I really like watching movies on the computer with the bigger screen. Last night I had a film up in a good size window and was working in MS Word and Skype in a couple of other windows and it worked very well. Especially when the film is not all that great and you don't have to pay super attention to it. *grin*

Tried doing another One Guy's Thoughts twice in as many days and something isn't going right. My computer doesn't seem to dig the latest Beta or juts doesn't want to play with it.

Gave Geni.com a try last night which is a pretty damn cool idea. I use to be really into Geneology when I was little so something like this is exciting. Of course then I think about the harvesting of all the e-mails and data with connections to other people and that worries me a bit, but I guess you don't have to put in e-mails if you don't want to. Imagine if it tied into all forms of new media for someone? Blogs, Flickr, social networks and podcasts. The whole enchilada. Now that would get interesting really quickly. Hell, Google will probably buy them and then really integrate it into all the data they already know about me. Who knows...

Pile of work ahead of me for the day and a few meetings in there as well. I actually get to leave the house for a bit for a lunch meeting. I need to do that more often. Still haven't found my "coffee house office" yes. I'm actually hoping to find a couple of them.

Mass College Goal Sunday

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