The Monday After

I'm not going to analyze it, complain about the red sweatshirt or anything else. Plain and simple they got out played last night. At the end of the night that is what it boils down to. Point fingers, complain, none of that going to happen here. I'm moving on. Congrats to the Giants on a huge upset. It is Monday at the start of a big, busy week. I'm going to be doing some traveling, speaking and plenty of on the road working. The thought of packing has me all stressed out because it's been a while since I had to do it on this scale. No biggie, but I'm just not in the mood to deal with it. Guess that is what later tonight was invented for right? *grin*

I recorded Accident Hash #258 this morning which I actually had to do twice. Sure wasn't the way I wanted to spend the early hours of the day, but in the end I'm glad I got it out because I really wanted to play a couple of new tracks from [munk] that he gave me permission to spin for all the home fries out there and I dig em.

Really excited to see my sisters on Friday. Above all else on this trip that is what makes me most excited is seeing them and spending a little time with them. We don't get to do it nearly often enough outside of a holiday or family event.

I feel like I've read more in the past 48 hours then I have in a month. Documents, presentations, proposals, e-mails and piles of other stuff that is the nature of the beast. I'm rolling with it. Only thing to do right?

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