The Grid & The Grind

Ok so I'm back in the office. The coffee is poured and I'm digging my way through the piles of e-mails and to-do items for the day. I tried to keep track of the really important stuff while I was away, but it wasn't the easiest thing in the world to do. The family is all ok and thank you to everyone for the well wishes across all the channels. You are all awesome. I have to say that only in my family would you break out into Take Me Out To the Ballgame at the cemetery burial. Yes, she was THAT big of a fan. The kids had a great discussion in the truck today about where she might have been sitting at last night's game. :)

So, I'm back and will be around. I promise I WILL get back to your e-mail at some point. I've just got to get a lot done today before PodCamp Boston 2 kicks off tomorrow night with [munk] and Matthew Ebel. Then it is is a weekend full of old friends, new friens and learning all around. I can't wait.

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