Feisty Italian Red Sox Fan

My grandmother was a life long Red Sox fan and she always watched the games. She use to get upset when there wasn't a game on. For game 6 I made the comment to someone that there was now a feisty Italian fan rooting from heaven. Then last night as I sat alone in the house watching the Red Sox first mess up and then win the game Grammy was certainly on my mind. I laughed myself to tears when they blew an easy pop up and thought to myself how she would have been yelling at idiot on the field if she was watching it.

I like to think along the lines of the Native Americans in that the spirit hangs around for seven days after passing. That has always made me smile and thus thinking about her rooting on the Red Sox as they won certainly made me smile. It made for a mix of emotions last night as they won and she was certainly on my mind.

The funeral is Wednesday morning and Game 1 of the World Series is that night. In some twisted way that almost seems right. She wouldn't have wanted to keep her family from watching the game because I know she wouldn't have wanted to miss it.

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