Create Content For YOU First

< rant > Is it just because it is a Monday? I don't think so because I've been in a great mood all day, but this has been bugging me.

People need to stop worrying about how many followers, friends, comments, responses and all around strokes they get and focus more on creating content that they want to produce.

When I find a video, photo, blog post, etc that I like, I tend to look at what else that person has created. If it interests me then I begin to follow them through the proper channels to see what else they create. I don't care if they have an audience of one or one thousand. They are interesting to me and I pay attention.

Why can't everyone focus more on being themselves and creating content they enjoy creating rather then focusing on the "reach" or "hits" they get. Don't get me wrong, I am flattered whenever something I'm involved in gets attention and noticed. Everyone loves that. But, should it be the focus and reason you do what you do? I think not.

I guess I wish more people would stop worrying about how to get the spot light to focus on them and focus themselves on creating informative and entertaining content.

< / rant >

Ah....I feel better. Had to get that one out of the brain because it kept boiling around in there.

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