YOU Choose Your Path

YOU Choose Your Path


My Own Path Why is everyone scared of being themselves? What fills people with the feeling that they need to be just like everyone else?

I tell crowds of people all the time that "normal is boring" and I mean it. Being vanilla and conforming to how you think you should be acting is no way to live your life.

Last weekend in a room full of media, one writer mentioned how they wish they could write a post a certain way but that "their audience wouldn't react well to it."

Why have we allowed the Internet to dictate what we create?

Can you imagine Hemingway, Adams or Prince creating their art based on what they thought the audience wanted rather than what they felt in their hearts?

You do not have to chase the same things that all the other bloggers do. You are your own person and you should never forget that. No matter what the art is you are creating, please create it because you get satisfaction out of it first.

I know that my blog and my career would be more successful if I wrote for the masses. Every day I see a friend speaking at a conference that I'd love to speak at and I know that on top of them being a great speaker that a lot of it has to do with them writing for the masses. There is nothing wrong with that and those people will always do well.

The path I've chosen is a different one. It sure isn't the easiest one as I'm finding out this week. Yet, I'm traveling it because it is the one that in my heart and soul I know I belong on.

People give me strange looks and ask me how I'm going to make a living doing it.

The honest truth is that I don't know yet. I'm scared. Deep-seated fright at this moment of the months and years ahead.

Again, this is who I am. You need to be who you are.

The path choice is up to you.

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