Itchy Bitchy End of Summer

Itchy Bitchy End of Summer

MudShow Once I turned forty, I knew things would change.

That is when the clock spins, the body freaks out and things begin to creak, strain and all around break down.

For me it seems it is also when my body would finally decide it had spent enough time fighting poison ivy and wanted to let me experience the itchy hell that it is.

I've walked through patches of it, hiked over it and all around been exposed to poison ivy more times than I can count throughout my life and yet besides a few random spots over the years, I've never gotten it.

That changed recently and I've been pink spotted and itchy for what seems like forever now. Thankfully it is starting to clear up and this morning I could finally shave since the spots on my face had cleared up.

Not the way I wanted to end summer and who knew that getting it between your fingers would make typing nearly impossible.

On the flipside, it isn't so bad since no naked photos of myself have been stolen and posted this week.

It also isn't that bad because I'm not dealing with horrible weather, terrorists, Ebola or any of the other horrible things happening in the world right now.

You also won't see me getting up on my social soap box platform of choice and sharing my thoughts about any of these topics. You know why? Because I don't need to add my voice to the cavalcade of bitching, moaning and pontificating that is already happening out there.

These past few weeks have certainly showed me how much some people love to talk in the hopes of being heard.

None of us need to give our two cents about everything, but an awful lot of you continue to do so.

Do I have thoughts on everything going on in the world right now? Of course I do.

Do I share them publicly? No, because there is no need to.

Think before you hit that post button. So many of you look like fools and over zealous maniacs complaining about everything from buckets of water to what color suit someone wears.

As Kid President says, "If you can't think of anything nice to say, you're not thinking hard enough."

It may have been an itchy bitchy end of summer, but I'm looking for a cool and create autumn. (Without any pumpkin spice anything for me please!)

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