Thai With Chase

Chase & C.C. Seattle is a big city and I'm here to give the morning keynote at WOMMFest later this morning.

On a whim I reached out to Chase Jarvis to see if there was any way we could meet while I'm in town. He is a busy man, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.

If you are not familiar with Chase, he is an extremely creative photographer and visual storyteller. His show Chase Jarvis Live is some of the most inspirational and best produced content on the Internet and for years I've followed and respected his work. When he replied to my message with his phone number I was shocked and excited.

Last night we got together at a hole in the wall Thai restaurant for some fresh rolls and conversation.

We talked about what we are both working on, where we want our careers to go, the problems of the world and a lot about creativity.

There was no agenda, gossip or ramble about tools and techniques. Our phones were put away and it was about the moment rather than anything else that might be going on.

The online world is an amazing and inspiring place, but it can never compete with face-to-face time with people your respect, love or want to get to know better. Taking the time to step away from the screen to make real connections with people is more important than ever.

As I travel the world, I try to meet as many people as possible. While I've had plenty of meals alone at a hotel restaurant, I try to make it a point to reach out to people in the area to make new friends.

Don't get stuck behind your devices. Get out there and say hello more often. Grab a beer. Sit down for a coffee. Whatever you do, spend time with your fellow man.

Thanks for the time Chase and happy shooting!