Chasing Creativity

In the last few months, I discovered and became a big fan of photographer Chase Jarvis. I like his style, his approach and honestly his outlook on life. It is obvious that he and I approach life in a similar fashion and I think that is why what he does and says resonates with me so much. I've had this video on my computer since it came out, but wanted to wait and watch it when I didn't have any interruptions and while a lot of what he showed, I had already seen, it still reminded me that I'm on the right path. If you don't have time to watch the video I'll sum it up as this. We need to do what we have to in order to sustain our lives, while doing the creative things that we are passionate about on the side at the same time. Finding that balance is key and it is down right amazing when those creative adventures shift into helping you sustain.

I very much agree with this. It is NOT easy to find that balance and to make it work, but it is critical I think to remain sane. I haven't been doing as much of the pure creative stuff lately and I need to. Of course after watching this last night, my mind was perculating with possibilities. A bad thing when it is already after midnight.

What are you doing that is purely creative and for the love of it?

Boston Media Makers 9/5/09

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