A Simple Weekend

A Simple Weekend


The majority of the weekend was spent feet up in the sun room reading The Accidental Life: An Editor's Notes on Writing and Writers on my kindle. The stories and style hit home and fuel my desire to write more and fear less.

There were pork chops on the grill and fresh corn beside them. Cold beers giving a moment of salvation from the soupy sludge of the humid August nights.

Sunday morning breakfast at our usual spot. Iced coffee bought from Dylan at work.

Preparing for my most daunting photography assignment was also in the cards. This week I'll be shooting Dylan's senior portraits and scouting locations was at the top of my 2do list.

Perfect Backdrop

A few perfect locations were found and I am now left with the logistics in my mind of what I want to create. There will be the typical shot for the yearbook pages, but besides that I want to capture and show Dylan as he is. Not some studio set up with his chin tilted just right.

As with most of my photography, I'm not worrying about what lens I'm going to use or if I have the right equipment. I'm concerned with getting the shot I want. The one I need to feel successful.

[quote]No matter how many years you work at your craft, the true creative always wonders if they've still got it. [/quote]

In my heart, I know that the photo that will hang on our wall and live forever in his yearbook will happen. But, will I make the photograph that I'll look at, feel that familiar heart thump and know I got what I wanted?

We watched random bits of the Olympics. We played a heated game of Phase 10.

Thunder rolled and thankfully the rain came down. Not enough to green up the brown, but enough to give the earth a taste of what she has been missing.

It wasn't anything fancy. It was simple, touching and I smile as I think back and type these words.

Not everything has to be epic, shared or liked by others.

Simple is satisfying.

Shooting My Son's Senior Portraits

Shooting My Son's Senior Portraits

Remaining Positive in a Less Than Happy World

Remaining Positive in a Less Than Happy World