Shooting My Son's Senior Portraits

Shooting My Son's Senior Portraits

Behind the Scenes of Dylans Photo Shoot As a photographer, I love to be out shooting with my cameras.

When on assignment, the stress factor always goes up a bit. Will I get the shot I need? Will the talent work with me? What if something goes wrong?

All of those are natural and part of the photography business.

It is one thing to be taking casual snapshots on your phone and something completely different when a client is writing you a check for the work you create.

Yesterday, I had all of the stress with none of the money.

That is because I was shooting my son's senior portraits.

A few months back my wife commented, "I just assumed you were going to shoot them."

To be honest, I hadn't even thought about it.

It makes total sense. I'm good with my camera and know what I'm doing so why pay someone else to take Dylan's photos?

I joked about how stressful this was for me. Laughter is sometimes the only way to cope with a stressful situation.

In the end there was no doubt that it would all turn out fine, but the pressure is always there.

We went out and took some shots yesterday. We've got a couple more locations and types of shots to do, but after the first round I feel really good.

Not going to share them yet, but Emily was with us and took these fun behind the scenes photos since she knows there are rarely any of me taking photos.

We had fun and I'm happy with the pictures I made. We even have a couple in yearbook consideration already.

THE Shot

THE Shot

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