My 2016 in Photos

My 2016 in Photos


Out of all the things I create, I enjoy pulling together my year in photos the best. Scrolling through all of the photos I take and share brings back memories of the little things I forgot. The trips that blend together. The faces, places and meals shared.

These roundups are not of my "best" photos, but the ones that stand out to me for one reason or another. I share them equally for you to enjoy and for me to remember.

Of course this is best viewed on any screen bigger than your phone, but I'll leave that up to you.

Happy Holidays and see you next year.

2016 started off with Clarence and I taking the train to New York City. We wanted to go take photos and discovered an empty and quiet New York that we had never seen before.

The Hundreds

Clarence Smith Jr Loves America

Birds on a Wire

Empty NYC

Saturday chilling with Nadia in my office.

Louisville wanted me to speak at an event and the sponsors insured I had a good time while in town.

They set up a VIP tour of the Louisville Slugger Museum and bourbon country. I definitely need to return to see more of Kentucky because my camera would have a very good time with the beauty of the rolling hills.

Inside the Vault at the Louisville Slugger Museum

Woodford Reserve Distillery

Woodford Reserve Distillery

Buffalo Trace Distillery

Buffalo Trace Distillery

Life is about little moments too.

Nadia laying in my office keeping an eye on things and coffee with Ann at her house.

Nadia watches over me.

We wrote Content Rules together, but I value my friendship with @AnnHandley SO much and it would have never happened if it wasn't for that book.

St. Louis was a city I had never visited before, but keynoting a travel conference brought me there. Having local friends like Matt to show you around means you see places that you'd never randomly run into.

Broadway Oyster Bar

Chuck Berry Statue in St. Louis

Old Time Candy Shop in "The Loop"

Victoria joined us from China for two weeks. She arrived scared of dogs and was sure that Nadia would bite her.

Before she left I took this photo. As you can see they became fast friends. It was adorable to hear her sing to Nadia. No idea what she was singing, but it was beautiful to see her get comfortable with a dog.

Victoria and Nadia

Tolkien use to get together with a band of other creatives and they were known as the Inklings. This little group is what I call "Inklings 2.0" and we don't get together nearly as often as I'd like.

We got the band together again! Thank you Emily for taking the photo.

A walk in the woods. Rucks on back. Cameras in hand. Never a bad way to spend a few hours.

The Little Bridge

Looking Through the Fairy Arch

Samsung Siblings #imagelogger #nx500 #nx300 #cameraporn

I decided that I was going to only bring my "new" film camera to SXSW and before heaving I had this custom leather strap made for it.

Excited that my new camera strap arrived before #SXSW. See you there?

No matter how good and comfortable with photography you get, you'll always make rookie mistakes.

This photo reminded me of that as I was shooting photos for a web feature and completely missed myself in the mirror while taking the photo. Whoops!

Rookie Photographer Mistake

Beautiful day to fly.

We set up the storefront in Austin. It felt amazing and people enjoyed it. Sadly it is no more and I don't know where or what is going on with it. One of those big question marks from the year that I have deep rooted, mixed emotions over.

From an idea to a storefront. SocialGood.Club is open for business in Austin. #sxsw #sxgood

Meeting a robot with the brains of IBM Watson was interesting, fun and scary all at the same time. Skynet is coming for sure.

No big deal. Just hanging with a Watson connected robot at the #IBM house during #SXSW

Excited to get home and get all this film developed from #SXSW

Out of all the film photos I took in Austin, this is one of my favorites. It captures the randomness that is SXSW. Plus, the guys shirt to me is a sad statement about what so much has become.

My #SXSW photos have been developed. Love this shot from Sixth Street. The irony of taking this photo with my film camera and this guy's shirt males me very happy.

Now that I have a drone, my photography goes beyond what I ever thought I could take. I now look for and think about whole new angles.

I've always wanted to capture the American Flag on this old stone church, but never had a way to do it until I flew my drone up over the reservoir and took this.

Old Stone Church at Wachusett Reservoir from the air. I'm starting to love the photography possibilities with my drone.

Every day she grows more artistic. A young woman on a mission to live life the way she chooses.

Dylan and I traveled to Philadelphia to visit a college and he had never had a real cheesesteak before. Needless to say, it changed his world.

When in Philly...

Morning beginnings

During my drive to the University of Rochester to speak I paused to capture this at a rest area along the way. I stood there longer than I should have waiting to get the shot.

A bit of peace on the road.

Fun to realize that Clarence appears so much in my 2016 memories. He is the first non-family member I've ever shared Echo Valley with and while it was only a single over night, it was the perfect escape from everything for both of us.

A fire, good company, couple of chairs and no distractions. All you need for a perfect #microadventure to recharge the batteries.

24 Escape to Echo Valley

The Artist at Work

Without a doubt, this next photo is my favorite one I made this year. Everything about it clicks for me and it was a perfect moment out in nature where I'm most happy.

Everything Tastes Better When Cooking Over a Fire

Dueling Flasks

I consulted with Minute Man National Park and somehow had never been there before. Nadia and I went to scope it out before the work began.

Beautiful Spring Day at Minute Man National Historic Park. #FindYourPark #NPS100

Nearly heaven

Montreal had me attending a conference and thankfully a lot of the time there was spent with my buddy Mitch. Including jumping into a ball pit.

Social networks are fun, but they'll never be as much fun as a ball pit in the middle of a conference.

Playing in a ball pit with Mitch Joel is a beautiful way to start the final day of @C2Montreal #C2M16

Taking my #selfie game to a whole new level at @C2Montreal #C2M16

A friend asked if I could bring my drone over and shoot some footage for a television show he was working on. How do you say no to that?

I learned a valuable lesson on this shoot though and that is that my drone makes enough wind that if you are flying inside of a half built tree house surrounded by other trees it might crash itself. Thankfully the drone survived.

Drones Eye View of our set today from 400 feet up. Highest we are legally allowed to go. Direct center of the photo is where the magic was happening :)

While trips are fun and I love to travel, there are plenty of great memories close to home as well.

From a front porch concert to a father's day brunch on top of a mountain. I love my neighborhood and the friends who live here.

Front porch live graduation party performance.

Father's Day hike and breakfast. What a great start to the day!

How can I not mention the off road, in the desert trip we took to Yuma, Arizona with my in-laws to find a geocache.

We ended up WAY off road and while it wasn't fun at the time it sure did make for great photos, laughs and memories.

The sun claimed this one back to nature.

Easily the saddest time of this past year was when our community lost a young woman to a horrible car accident. The pain the entire town felt was tough to go through.

An emotional vigil for a beautiful soul taken far too young. Rest in peace Jackie.

Filed under "things I never thought I'd do" was being invited to London to attend a Star Wars Celebration.

The level of behind the scenes and exclusive access we were given was amazing and I'm thankful that Rogue One lived up to all of the hype.

Rogue One cast and crew (and stormtroopers in the London underground) #swcepics #swce

Getting harder to distinguish between the good and the bad.

This is another one of my favorite photos from the year. Seeing it makes me smile because I remember how excited the little girl was and for me this captures the variety and love of Star Wars fans.

Star Wars Celebration London 2016

Rogue One Panel - Star Wars Celebration London 2016

While in London I was lucky to see a few friends and got to spend time laughing and walking around the city to see parts I had never seen before.

Walking Around London

Silly Friends!

Revere Beach 2016 International Sand Sculpting FestivalInternational Sand Sculpting Festival

Rough day on the streets of Neverland #vsco #lv1

Perfect view on a beautiful Sunday morning with my ladies.

Stairs of opportunity

Heaven on a plate? Depot Street Tavern's chicken and waffles.

Taking Dylan's senior photos was beyond stressful for me. Thankfully they came out great and we even had a few laughs while taking them. This outtake warms my heart because it captures Dylan at his more real.

Dylan Senior Photos Outtake

I'm a blessed man. To have Laura as my wife and Dylan and Emily as my children. I honestly can't ask for more.

Beautiful night on Lake Sunapee with the love of my life.

First Day of School 2016

Photography for me is about capturing moments and this was one of those perfect ones that you have to bring home with you.

We had gone to Lowell for the day and she was catching Pokemon or checking her messages and everything lined up. The color of her hair against the brick and her leather jacket all came together and I'm so glad she allowed me to take it.

A day of adventure ahead for me and my girl. Love that she rolls with her own style and motivations.

Yes, that is Rob Gronkowski and his brothers.

I was hired to shoot behind the scene photos for a video shoot they were doing. It was fun to have a secret shoot that I couldn't talk about for months.

Behind the Scenes with Gronk & MassMutual

We welcomed Jaz into our family. This was the moment I met her and instantly fell in love.

Who knew we'd visit Martha's Vineyard for the first time in our lives and it would be to adopt a puppy.

Meeting Jaz

Jaz - Second Keeper of the Office

Niccolo joined us from Italy for a few weeks and we had fun taking him to King Richard's Faire before he left. Dylan is excited to see him again early next year when he travels to Florence.

King Richard's Faire 2016

GORUCK asked me to take photos for them for their first Gold Star Family Challenge. It was an honor to do so and shooting in sand, water and darkness made for a day full of good living.

GORUCK Gold Star Light - Class #1318 - Newport, RI

GORUCK Gold Star Light - Class #1318 - Newport, RI

Jaz in the Spotlight

Iceland, what can I say? It was everything I've dreamed about.

Spending our 20th anniversary there is something I'll never forget. I'm eager to return though since we didn't see any waterfalls or northern lights. So much more to explore.

Had no idea that there are only 5 geysers in the world. Iceland has "the grandfather." #MyStopover

Into The Wild Patches at Búrfellsgjá

Búrfellsgjá Lava Walls

Moss Grows on Anything that Doesn't Move in Iceland

Gullfoss Waterfall - Iceland

ÞINGVELLIR National Park

The Blue Lagoon

Life is about little moments too. Not everything is an epic adventure.

Waiting on a Chicken Cutlet

New patch on my ruck and needing to put some more miles on my boots. #getoutside

Nothing like a little ax and wood therapy to clear the mind.

One more southern breakfast before I go. #chalkboardart #goodeats

A little reminder for the days ahead...

Boston Winter Holiday Marketplace

Jaz isn't sure what this white stuff is as she watches Dylan clean the snow off his car for the first time this winter.

The Press Hotel in Portland, Maine

My two newest winter #moralepatches from @itstactical and @flockfam. Had to take a photo in the falling snow.

My annual birthday selfie.

43 has arrived and I enjoyed a quality day offline with Laura. We played cards, went to the movies and celebrated. I couldn't ask for a better day. I wonder what the next lap around the sun will bring into my world. Only time will tell and I'm prepared fo

The sun sets on another day closer to the clean slate of 2017. . . . . #nature_perfection #awesome_earthpix #ourplanetdaily #fantastic_earth #unlimitedplanet #earth_deluxe #allnatureshots #jaw_dropping_shots #awesomeearth #artofvisuals #watchthisinstagood

What will 2017 hold?

Houston, Orlando and a father-son roadtrip to Arizona are all on my calendar.

Whatever happens I'm ready for it.

The Press Hotel - Inspired By Writing

The Press Hotel - Inspired By Writing

In The Holiday Giving Spirit

In The Holiday Giving Spirit