2014 in Photographs

2014 in Photographs


Colby Brown inspired me. He inspired me to share some of my favorite photographs I took in 2014.

They were taken with a variety of cameras and phones with each being special to me.

It was fun to scroll through all my photos and realize the places I've traveled, the people I've met and the memories I've formed all along the way.

Enjoy! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=


The Sun Sets on Cowboy Country

Snowshoeing at West Hill Dam

Roxie Loves the Smell of Spring

Snowy Day By the Mill

Street Walking in Shadows

Snowy Miss Mendon Diner

My New Boston Strong Cowbell

Awake Aware America (A3) Austin

Ann Handley is toasty Warm


Happy Chris

Jonathan Fields

Storm Clouds Over Fargo

Smiling Bella

Untamed Roller Coaster at Canobie Lake Amusement Park


Weekend With The Welshs

Reflections of Monster

Dark & Stormy

Lunch in the Ocean

Weekend in Echo Valley

Tire Swing Fun

Only in Texas Combination

The Sun Sets On The Cafe

I Chose This Field Notes For Our Road Log

The Cabana Life is Nice

Route 66

I'm traveling amongst giants. #Imagelogger

Emily Shooting with the Samsung NX3000

Boston Nike Store

Beautiful Fall Colors on Top of Peppercorn Hill

Emily in the Ball Pit

Rainy Empire State Building

Grumpy Parade Vendor

Abe Chills

Visiting the NFL Offices with the #VZWBuzz Team

Rucking at Ashland State Park

I can't wait to see what photos I take this year!

The Valley

The Valley

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