2015 in Photos

2015 in Photos

2015 in Photos The end of the year is always a powerful time for me to look back at the last twelve months and ponder where I've been and what I've seen.

Being a photographer means that I take photographs every single day and over the course of a year that means thousands of photos.

Thank you again to the team behind the Samsung Imagelogger program for having me as a proud member. The majority of these photos were taken with either my Samsung NX1 or NX500.

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The following photos are in chronological order.

Feeding my brain, soul and heart.

Dylan on the Streets of DC

Action 2015 in Washington, DC

Action 2015 in Washington, DC

Looking up to Lincoln

Snowy Smiles

First Snowshoe Ruck

Dear Mother Nature, Enough please. Love, Boston

Our Extended Family For the Week

Laura and I

Friends + Wine = A Great Time

First Annual Wine, Tech & Food Conference #WTFConf

First Annual Wine, Tech & Food Conference #WTFConf

First Annual Wine, Tech & Food Conference #WTFConf

David Baeza - King of the Tritip

SyncYourInk.club at SXSW 2015

The SyncYourInk.club Tree of Giving

Poppa & Abe

Winter in Vermont

Puppy Kisses Rock!

Dylan is Happy to Have a Dog Again

Nadia is psyched to be a new member of the GORUCK Kennel Club

Ears of Awesome

Boston Building Blocks

Walking the Streets of San Francisco

Shitter Street Art

Dark Day For Lacrosse

Bentley Falcon HDR

Boston Ballet's Thrill of Contact - Theme and Variations

Tired Ballerina

Boston Ballet's- Thrill of Contact - The Concert

Santa Fe Green Chili Burgers

AJ Leon - MisfitCon 2015

Brandon's Beautiful Artwork

MisfitCon 2015

All of Fargo in a Single Photo

Devon "The Sonnet Man" Glover

Nadia Keeping an eye on me

We are all humans. Everything else is an adjective.

Gritty Times Square

Emily's 8th Grade Graduation

All You Can Eat Crabs at May's

Retro Metro

Nadia getting a little spoiled on her first camping trip.

Sleepy Pups

Lobster Roll Lunch at Kimball's Farm

Don't Take My Picture Dad

Waiting on the front stairs for the kids to get home from their first day of school.

2015 American Field Pop Up Market Boston

Body is on East Coast time, so I'm up early tweaking one of my #pix2015 talks. Definitely going to need to go on a javaquest soon for real coffee.

Emily & Dylan - Columbus Day Weekend 2015

Outside The Vermont House

What a View

Fisheye Fun at The Hermitage Club

Looking Up

2015 MarketingProfs B2B Forum Photowalk Lead by Steve Garfield

The Colors and Shapes of Boston

Boston Halloween GORUCK Light Class #1006

Boston Halloween GORUCK Light Class #1006

King Richard's Faire 2015

Dylan was a bit excited by our surprise for him.

A street musician plays under the arches

Silly Cousins

The Whole Gang

Selfie with my Not So Little Girl

Making a beautiful portrait.

Perfect patch for flying today.

Christmas Cousins

The Old Dog Watches Over the Farm

I wonder where 2016 will take me and my cameras? No matter where I go, you can be sure I'll share it with you and the world.

What I'd Love to See Announced at CES

What I'd Love to See Announced at CES

Another Trip Around the Sun

Another Trip Around the Sun