Another Trip Around the Sun

Another Trip Around the Sun

Happy Birthday C.C. End of the year + Christmas + My Birthday = C.C. in a reflective mood.

This latest journey around the sun was better than the last one and yet I feel as if I have not accomplished much.

I spoke on stages from Seattle to The Netherlands, had my life outlook changed by attending my first Muster and visited family in Maryland and Arizona.

But, a lot of time was spent mentally digging out of the hole I found myself in last December and trying to lay the foundation for moving forward.

Truly, I spent too much time sitting and clicking. That needs to change.

I'm blessed that my family is happy and healthy. Several dear friends have not been so lucky and recent events remind me how blessed I am.

In the coming year I want to create more. Sell my art, skills and experience without selling my soul.

After writing more on this, I decided to erase it and record a video update instead. Definitely glad I sat on this post for twenty four hours to get my head in the right place.