The After Christmas Chaos

Christmas was great in the Chapman household. There is a living room full of boxes right now that we'll have to leave out by the curb tonight in a nice organized pile of chaos. Garbage men must HATE the holidays because of all the extra boxes and crap they have to pick up. Only weekend that might be worse is move in weekend with all the colleges. That can't be fun either.

We are spending the weekend in New Hampshire with our families. One nice thing about marrying your high school sweetheart is that our families live a short walk from each other so we don't have to choose who to see and can always see both with a quick little drive.

We went to see Marley and Me yesterday afternoon. First time we've gone to the movies on Christmas but we all wanted to see it. Emily got sick in the middle of it so Laura and her missed the ending. Not a dry eye in the theater. If you love dogs,  you'll get a kick out of the movie. When we got home Roxie got tons of extra love for sure.

I'm not looking forward to hitting Best Buy today. I need to grab an HDMI cable for my new Blu-ray Player that the family got for me. Thankfully they do the in store pick up, so I already ordered it and I can just run in and pick it up rather then dealing with the crowds. Of course there will be plenty of people doing returns, so oh joy! *laugh*

2008 Chapman Holiday Photo

On The Day Before Christmas