Puppies & Fireworks

PaoloGREAT unplugged weekend. We had friends from High School down with their kids and puppy for the weekend. As you can see Paolo is completely adorable. It was fun to have a little guy around the house. Not sure Roxie was too thrilled about it, but she made it through just fine. Interesting to wake up and find out that I'm in the Boston Globe today in a story about companies listening to customers online.

I'm going to pick up a print copy when I drop the kids off at camp in a bit, but they did an ok job talking about various ways companies are reacting when someone complains or talks about them online. They seemed to focus more on the quick hit solutions rather then pointing out that it should be more about ongoing monitoring and talking with your customers. But, hopefully it'll wake a few more people up to what is going on out there.

Today also marks my parents 35th Wedding Anniversary. I woke up and realized the date and just sort of smiled about it all. Really happy for them and it was great to see them this past weekend. Of course I wish that I remembered this was coming up so I could have given them well wishes in person, but so it goes right?

Watched The Bucket List this weekend. About what I expected and certainly cute enough to rent. Of course it got me thinking about my Grandfathers and what they went through.  All in all a fun movie.

I was unplugged almost all weekend which was a nice feeling. From the looks of things, most people were which is good. Crucial to enjoy weekends when they come and this past one was a perfect one for that.

A personal highlight of the weekend was finding out about PodCamp Montreal. I'm going to try and make that one. I've been looking for a time to get up there to hang with my good friends Bob, Julien and Mitch and this seems like the perfect one!

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