July 4th BBQ

Happy July 4th! It is a cloudy, overcast, wet morning here around Chez Chapman, but the rain is suppose to stay away for the rest of the day so that is a good thing. The birds are going crazy out there right now. Must be a worm feeding frenzy.

Today we've got a Chapman Chill BBQ going on today. We do it every year as a really casual get together since we never go away for the 4th. It is small and fun and gives me areason to BBQ. Not that I need a reason, but I get to go over board today.

January Steaks

On the menu we've got Louisiana hot shrimp, boneless jerk pork ribs, mesquite lime steak tips and rosemary garlic chicken thighs. People usually bring a lot of salads and other things to go with it and I made my potato salad this morning so I can't wait to have that. I stocked up on Long Trail Ale, Stella and Sam Adams Light for the day. Good solid summer beers are crucial.

The local fireworks were last night so that is out of the way. I have a feeling we'll have a fire outside tonight and then watch the Boston Pops show on TV. Some old friends are staying over tonight which will be great since we haven't seen them in a while.

Unplugged at it's finest! Ahhh...

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Independence Day.

Puppies & Fireworks

The Fun of a Wednesday Morning