Ira Toyota Blows an Opportunity

picture-8.png As someone who likes to help others do good, it bugs me when I see a completely missed opportunity. This morning certainly was one of those.

I've got a Toyota Tundra that I lease and this fall I'll be returning it as the lease ends. We've been looking for a new car and the list is short because we ned it to fit the four of us, our dog and still have room for anything needed for a weekend trip. I've been really happy with my Toyota experience so the Highlander is one of the cars on our short list. The problem is we haven't had the time to go in and test drive one yet.

Today I had to drop the truck off for some service and they give a rental car for the day. One thing I love about Ira is that they allow me to schedule maintenance online. You put in all the problems, what needs to be done and then when you drop it off it is all there and you can pretty much drop and go. When filling out this yesterday I put down that I needed a rental car for the day and requested a Highlander and explained why.

I just got home from dropping off the truck and my rental car is some random other car. Not the Highlander I had hoped for.

I'm not upset, but just a little baffled that in the market we are in right now that car dealers wouldn't pass up such a easy and small win as this. While other companies like GM and Ford are trying hard to listen to their customers and do what they can to help, I'm not seeing Toyota doing anything.

Missed opportunities suck.

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