Social Media Shopping For a New Car

Right now I'm driving a 2006 Toyota Tundra and love it. But, the lease on it is up next September so I'm already looking for what might be our next car. Honestly I don't have any brand loyalty when it comes to cars. I've bought three new cars in my life. A Saturn SC2, a Ford Winstar and this truck. You can sort of follow my progression through life in those choices.

Photogamer: TransportationNow for this new vehicle I need the following:

  • Room for 4 (me, wife and two kids)
  • Room for our black lab Roxie
  • Room for all of that AND some basic luggage for any weekend trip

Most of my driving is around town and not on the highway so a hybrid is certainly the way I want to go.

I'm definitely going to lease again because I don't drive a whole lot and plus I want to be able to turn it in to get what I hope is much upgraded technology within three years.

On my radar right now are the Saturn Vue Hybrid and the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Sure, I've looked at some others, but nothing has really caught my attention like those two have.

Now, I'm lucky because I know Scott Monty over at Ford, so I've seen where their product lines are going and taken a ride in the new Ford Flex. I'd love to talk to the other car companies to find out what is going on, but I'm sure they are not even paying attention to the web to see what people are asking, but I could be totally wrong and hope that I am.

I've got under a year to make a decision and pick something. I'm going to be documenting my process in the hopes that others can find some solid information in what I find out.

It should be a nice little social media experiment.

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