Global Social Media Community Coming Together For a Great Cause

Can you imagine your life without clean drinking water? As someone who has been on long hiking and canoeing trips where you have to filter or boil every drop of water you drink I've gotten a small taste of what it can be like. But for 1.1 billion people around the globe the idea of a clean crisp glass of water is something they've never experienced. Watch this video to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

When I first heard about the Twestival idea a few months back I instantly jumped in asking how could I help.

The idea is simple really. On one night, February 12th, in cities all around the world people are going to gather in order to raise money for Charity: Water. Small groups of volunteers have found venues, worked together to get the word out and are selling tickets for events in cities as far and wide as Bankok, Glasgow, Jerusalem, Sydney and of course right here at home in Boston.

I found out yesterday that I'm actually not going to be in town on the 12th, but will be in NYC instead so I bought my tickets for the New York Twestival. No way I'm going to miss being part of this amazing showcase of what can be done when people pull together for a great cause.

A lot of great people are involved in getting the word out and supporting this event. My friend iJustine even made a video showing her support.


Please look at the list of cities and see if there is one happening near you. If not, you can always donate directly on the Charity:Water website.  Step up and help show the world what Social Media can do when we all pull together as a community!

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