Inspiration Without Action is Wasted Time

A lot of things inspire me. A story from Clarence Smith Jr., a photo from Scott Church or a song from Tom Acousti. Two nights ago as I watched the live TED Prize webcast I was filled with inspiration. Here were people doing amazing things and who know their passions and do everything in life to fill each day with it. I sat in my office watching the updates from last year and the awarding of this years wishes and I couldn't help being filled with inspiration.

High Over ArizonaI refused to let it run away. One of last year's awards went to the creation of Once Upon a School which allows you to search by zip code and find volunteer opportunities at schools near you. I couldn't find anything at my children's school, but a few towns over they were looking for people to come in and speak to high schoolers about business and entrepreneurship. I filled out the form and volunteered my help. I'm looking forward to hearing back from them.

This morning I woke up with an urge to write this post. As I laid there deciding if it was time to get up I began thinking about how many times I was inspired and then did nothing with that energy. It is a gift to be filled with inspiration and I'm as guilty as the next person about wasting that gift sometimes.

Many times when you are filled with inspiration you can't do something immediately with it. I know that. Your in the office. Out with the kids. Cooking dinner. Who knows. But, the point is to capture the energy and channel it to a time when you can use it.

I've begun taking voice notes with Evernote whenever something hits me. Thinking that you'll remember that great little idea or nugget of hope is not reality. Since my iPhone is always with me I can record something whenever I want. I also no longer think about taking photos. Instead I take them. I talked about it here, but now when I think "that would make a good photo" I actually take it instead of just thinking about it. I don't want to waste the inspiration, no matter how small it is.

So, the next time something inspires you don't waste it. Take that energy and channel it to something. We all get inspired in different ways and by different people so what you do with it is up to you. Just don't waste it!

What inspires you? More importantly what do you do to make sure you don't waste that inspiration?

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