Not the Friday I Wanted

Today was suppose to be a really fun day, but that sort of got sidetracked by a bunch of factors. Biggest was the snow we've been having all day. It has been a constant falling of big white fluffy flakes all day. The roads haven't been touched a whole lot since most people are staying inside and waiting it out. They ended up closing down Dylan's camp early today so we went and got him. Tonight we were suppose to go to a Worcester Shark's game, but decided driving to that wasn't the best move.

Bolting Up the DrivewayFor me, the biggest thing today was Emily's first play. She has been attending a performance arts camp this week and absolutely loving it. Today was going to be her play (she was playing Sam I Am) and I was going to surprise her with flowers and of course video tape the whole thing. I've been doing theater my whole life and miss it. Seeing my daughter being excited by it makes me a proud daddy! But, she ended up not feeling well and came home. She has been sleeping on the couch pretty much ever sense.

So all in all NOT the Friday I wanted.

But, on the good side I did record a quick new episode of Accident Hash which felt good and the NYC trip yesterday was definitely a cool kick off with a new client. More on them soon! I also got this fun picture of Roxie today when we went out to get the mail.

We were suppose to go for a quick trip up to Portland tomorrow, but between the weather and Emily not feeling well I don't think that is going to happen either.

Ok, I guess I should figure out something for dinner and then think about going out and spending some quality time with the snowblower. Hope you have had a better Friday. *grin*

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