Good Friday

That is what the calendar says and why my kids tell me they have the day off. I'm sure they think it is "good" for difference reasons then why they have it off. *grin* These past few days I've been really energized. Lots going on and I'm buried under a sea of Microsoft Office applications all over my screen, but that is ok because the work is getting done and forward progress is being made. Been pushing hard for people to take part in the Trivya Slam trivia contest going on right now on Facebook. It tracks by network points and the Boston network is doing a great job. I love how it shows me which members of the team are doing so good. I'm sure I'm going to get yelled at for getting some of my buddies addicted based on how much they are playing :)

Yesterday, I did a brain dump called Contemplating Creativity on Managing the Gray and people seemed to really connect with what I was saying. I had to get it out of me since it was bouncing around ever since I took the picture of Emily in the drive way. Honestly didn't think people would jump on it quite so much, but it gave me endless smiles throughout the day yesterday.

I think what is energizing me is actually taking the time to stop and look forward. Steve and I are having lots of discussions about where to go with The Advance Guard next. Where do we want to be in six months? What about in twelve months? That sort of forward thinking for that part of my life of course makes me look at all the other parts as well. It focuses my thinking and energy only in directions where actions need to be taken and that is the key to success. Figuring out what you can control and contribute to and pushing aside anything that doesn't fall into those. Sure, you can't total ignore them, but you also don't have to stress over them.

And I got a new hat in the mail. That made me smile yesterday too since I've been waiting for it for over a month or two since they've been back ordered.

So, I guess today is a good Friday for me. Not much different then any other Friday, but it does feel good to me!

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