Pseudo MIA

I've been a bit MIA lately and I can tell that by people and family dropping me notes asking how I am. This blog is still used mainly to keep my extended friends and family updated and is the first place they go to know what I'm up to. The simple truth is that I've been busy. With the soon to be here holidays everyone is working hard to get things done, decided on and moving to the next step so that quality time can be had to enjoy those said holidays. On top of all that we've had a stomach bug going through the household here. The girls got it twice and Dylan once. I finally got nailed with it yesterday, but 14 hours of sleep last night seems to have fixed that. I'm still far from hungry or 100% but it is a vast improvement over how I was feeling yesterday.

Last night was the I Am Legend premiere in NYC and it was cool to be able to give away a few tickets for that. Wish I could have gone, but I actually knew a couple of the people who won so I'm looking forward to hearing their reaction to the film. More then likely I'll be waiting till it comes out on DVD to see it at this point since getting out to the theater is not something I get to do that often.

My goal for this weekend after the Daddy Breakfast at Emily's school is to get our holiday cards out. They are in the envelopes and just need to have the holiday update put in, stamped and addressed and then I can dump them in the mail. Always a trick to keep everyone's address up to date. I've been playing around with Plaxo to do that and it works great when other people update, but Plaxo has such a bad rap left over from the past for a lot of people that I'm sure many just flag it as spam. Too bad because I haven't found anything else that works quite like it.

Just read this morning about Robert Scoble leaving PodTech in January. I know the editor of his show from a long time ago and he's a good friend. I hope that he is either going along for the ride or still has a job. I'd hate to think he wouldn't have one any more. He's a hell of a guy and on top of that one damn good editor and shooter.

Lots of change in the tides of new media lately. Lots behind the scenes and some are bubbling to the top. Without a doubt 2008 is going to be a VERY interesting year.  No predictions right now, but a wish list coming soon.

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