Frustrated Focus

I just finished recording Accident Hash #290 and as I'm listening back to it I'm laughing about me talking about conferences and how some of us have a lot of work to do so we can't go on the social media conference circuit. I certainly fall into that category lately. photo-214.jpgAll last week and earlier this week I couldn't stop getting asked why I wasn't speaking at the 140 Conference. Honest truth is that Jeff Pulver asked me about the conference ahead of announcing it and I was offered a place to speak at it. But, for lots of reasons it just wasn't a fit for me. Then this weekend is Podcasters Across Borders and once again I won't be attending. Between it being Father's Day and Emily's play weekend I can't be away.

I've been doing a LOT of thinking about a variety of topics lately. It frustrates me where a lot of things in my industry are right now and because of that I'm making some big decisions on where I want to focus my energy. It is refreshing, but it isn't an overnight thing either and thus why when I tell people I'm busy but good I mean it.

Also, for those of you that have wanted to hear me rant a bit, you'll be happy to know that on this week's Managing the Gray I went off on the whole Mommy Blogging focus and why it bugs me so much. With Father's Day this weekend it is at the top of my mind.

I just snapped the photo for this post to capture some of the emotions I'm feeling, but at the same time I'm very upbeat and positive. I'm sick of a lot of things and it is time to change them. Watch out. *laugh*

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