Holiday Mood

Ah, the Holidays. I do love this time of year! While some people get down or just hate it outright, I love it completely. Emily - Girl Scout Variety ShowThis morning I finally got a chance to record the 2009 Accident Hash Holiday Special. I've been wanting to get it done ever since the day before Thanksgiving, but it finally became time to get it done and out the door. I pimped it rather hard, but I really hope people buy The High Orbit Holiday Special because I think it is a riot and I know how hard Matthew Ebel worked on it.

I was in NYC yesterday and it was fun to see even a little bit of the city (from a taxi of course) in the holiday spirit. Maybe it was my imagination, but people didn't seem to be frowning as much as they usually do when I'm there. Could have been the non-December like weather that was going on as well. Who knows?

This is the week where I always get extra reflective and happy all at once. I'm ending my 35th year on this planet and if that isn't enough to get me thinking then I don't know what would.

Plus, as we flip the calendars over to 2010 I want to kick the year off on the right foot. I've started a lot of great things this year and hope to continue them into the next.

I'm going to be spending Christmas with my family. I can't wait to see everyone and create a bunch of great memories. Sure, there will be some headaches in there too, but in the end they will all be worth it.

Lots of great things on the horizon. Between the events, opportunities, projects and possibilities it is looking to be a good year. How is it looking for you?

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