Starting to Enjoy My Voyager

Lots of people seemed interested in what I thought about the Verizon Voyager phone that I recently purchased. As I've said before I wasn't that into it at first, but after using it some more I'm starting to get use to it. voyager1.jpg My biggest problem with it was that I didn't get notified when I got new e-mail, but I finally found the setting that changes that. Now whenever someone sends an e-mail to me I get notified which is exactly what I wanted. I also have gMail set up so I can now check my accounts from anywhere which was the purpose.

I also had a bitch of a time being able to hit the Mobile Twitter site on this for some reason. Turns out I have to just bookmark the login page and everything works fine. One shortcut I'm still looking for is a refresh for the browser. It doesn't seem to be an option in the menu, but it must be there somewhere. Anyone know?

The other thing I finally played with is the Vcast technology. I didn't think this would do much for me but while waiting in an airport or for a meeting, being able to pull up video on the phone and watch it sure is a nice thing. I haven't paid for the monthly live television part, but having watched the canned stuff I'm impressed with the quality and have considered it.

Some have asked if it was worth the upgrade?

It certainly wasn't a required upgrade for me. That much I know for sure. I don't use the touchscreen very much, but I do like the keyboard now that I have gotten use to it. I'm using text messaging more and more so the upgraded data plan is worth it for that alone. All in all I'm happy with the upgrade. It is just a matter of having to get use to the interface.

I will say that with the news of Verizon Wireless opening up it's network for "any device" in 2008 that I do plan to get the second generation iPhone or a comparable Nokia next year. I've wanted to have a Nokia N95 for the longest time but they don't work on Verizon Wireless. So come next year if they really do open  up the network I'm going to have to have a battle over which one I want. But, for now I'm content with what I bought.

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