Verizon Voyager First Thoughts

The first thought I had was, "this is neat but I hate this phone." After having a Blackberry for so long this was quite the change in function and shape. So while the touch screen is nice, it doesn't actually do a whole lot except for browser navigation and Vcast if that is your thing.

Over the weekend I played with it some more. Got my e-mail set up on it and started using it. I'm liking it more, but I have to say that I'm not sure it is the right device for someone looking to use the phone mainly for e-mail and from a business angle. I only say this because I've liked the push of e-mail on a Blackberry so you don't have to wonder if you have e-mail, you know if you do.

Also, I've got big hands and the phone feels weird when I have to hold it flipped open to type things. And WHY in the world would they have a QWERTY keyboard but put the shift key where the tab key should be? Makes no sense in the world and I can't imagine why they did it.

I played a bit with the video features and it's nice ad fun but the screen is not as clear as an iPhone. Not even close to the resolution and clarity you get there.

All in all so far I'm not sold that upgrading to this was the right move. I honestly need to give it a try for a few more weeks to know if it was a mistake or not. But, I have read the return policy just in case.

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Verizon Voyager Unboxing