Sanyo HD2 - My Thoughts

Ever since I bought my Sanyo HD2 people seem to keep me asking about it. Just this morning a friend dropped me a note that said "tell me everything you don't like about it." So instead of writing e-mails over and over I figured I'd post my thoughts on the camera. Plus that way Google will find it and other people I don't even know can give it a read through. Hopefully it helps some people. I'm in no way affiliated with Sanyo or anything like that. My shopping was looking for a compact, HD capable, tapeless camcorder. It really came down between the Canon and Sanyo, but the latest Canon was not out yet.

What I Don't Like:

  • The fact that it doesn't have a digital output on it to run directly to the computer is stupid. It has a dock that will do it, but the non direct is pointless. I'm sure there is a way around this but i haven't read the manual yet to figure it out. I would love to just plug it in and run VidBlaster directly off of it.
  • The auto focus is slower then I'm use to. But, I'm also use to $4000 DV cameras *grin*
  • It's not the best in low light, but I knew that going in
  • The MP4 format is awesome for file size, but my PC doesn't know what to do with it. I've been told I won't have any problems on the Mac, but of course have not been able to test that yet. It is one of the first thing I'm going to test though. Yes, I know there are converters, but I should be ablle to grab the files and work with them on the PC. Maybe I need a special program?
  • The lens cap comes off very easy which always worries me, but I haven't traveled a whole lot with it yet
  • I wish the design had some small rubber strip or slightly formed edge to make it even a better grip in hand. I'm still figuring out how to minimize shake when holding. It's so small which is great, but it's so small that it's hard to balance sometimes
  • I'm not sure if I needed to spend the extra money for the HD or not. I did thinking long term, but it might have been wasted money. Depends on the person.
  • The zoom is VERY touchy. Doing a slow and casual zoom is almost impossible.

What I Do Like:

  • The small size is amazing. I can bring it anywhere.
  • It comes with a pseudo hard shell case for the camera that has a belt loop. I haven't put it on a belt, but I like that I can put it in this and pack it away without worries.
  • The SD Card storage is great. I put a 4 GB one in it and it holds plenty
  • I like the dock that it comes with. It charges the battery and allows for easy access of the footage from the camera to the computer.
  • The footage it shoots is great for what I use it for
  • The ability to take still photos is an interesting bonus. I don't use it much, but the shots I have taken are very good. Great for casual photos to go along with the video when you don't want to bring two devices.

It may sound like there is more bad then good. That's just that I'm overly critical and plus I think a review should focus on the negatives since that is really what people are most concerned about. If they've gotten to the point of reading a review they already know the good things most likely. Don't get me wrong. I'd buy this camera again and I'm happy with the decision. It was the right decision for me.

If you find this useful let me know. Also, if you have one of them let me know what you do and don't like about it so that others that find this page will find it more useful. Variety of opinions are important when buying something.

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