The Always on Society

In today's world anything you say, do or somethings think can be shared with the world. People have camera phones that now shoot video and with a couple of clicks can send it to their blog. Still cameras shoot video so you never know when you might be recorded. This morning I was reminded of that when I saw the video down below on YouTube. Because it was a PodCamp everything could be recorded and shared. This is actually a conversation I was having with my buddy John Swords after my presentation. I didn't know it was being filmed until I watched it this morning. I have no problem with it being up and shared. I'm just pointing it out as an example of what I mean.


So, the next time you are talking to a friend in a pub or having what you think is an off the record conversation stop and think about what you are saying. Are you comfortable with the world hearing it? At a conference at the bar and your being a nut are you ok with that video being published on YouTube? We all love to have fun and I sure do. I'm just saying to be aware of what is going on.

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