Logistics of Parenting

Today is one of those days that any parents out there can relate to. Where the calendar day is full and it's nothing short of a military campaign to insure that everyone will be where they are, when they are suppose to be. Working from home does make some things easier, but at the same time it can complicate things as well. Take today for instance. Emily is home sick. Because I'm at home it makes it easier because I'm already here. But, on the flipside I've got meetings and conference calls today and having a sick child makes those harder.

We have a big master calendar that we try to write everything on. Combined with Outlook calendars we seem to keep everything in check, but it's always something little that gets missed. How do you keep things running smooth? Any good life hacks out there?

Finally we have a sort of jack-of-all-trades coming over today to do some work. He's going to be scraping and painting all the white trim on the house and then weeding all the old mulched area in the back yard and laying down new mulch. I'm assuming this is something I can just let him do and not have to be bugged to much, but we'll see. Another logistical piece of the puzzle.

Oh, did I mention that Dylan has a baseball game tonight? Laura will pick him up from school, bring him home and then I'll take him to the game.

I know this isn't going to get any easier as they get older. I just needed to brain dump.

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