Association for Downloadable Media Advisory Board Member

This morning the election results from the first ever election for the Association for Downloadable Media were announced and I'm happy to say that I've won a spot on the Advisory Board. Association for Downloadable MediaWhen the organization was first formed I wasn't sure what the purpose was. It seemed like a lot of the big companies getting together to talk a lot and not do a whole bunch. But, as I got to know the members more and talked to them I realized that it could be very beneficial to the industry to have an organization like this out there and I wanted to be part of it.

My main reason for running was I wanted to make sure that the community voice was heard. I was very happy to see Kent Nichols and Tim Street on there as well. The three of us are the only ones not directly working for a major podcast related company as our full time gigs. I know Tim pretty well and look forward to getting to know Kent. I know between the three of us we'll be sure that the individual voice is heard as much as the company voice.

I'm also psyched to be part of this because I really hope that the research, metrics and other outreaching information that will be generated is going to help raise to profile of podcasting and new media in general to more people. Specifically I'm looking forward to advertisers, brands and big corporations waking up to it being a viable platform.

There is certainly a lot of work ahead and it will be interesting to see how far the organization has come at next years New Media Expo in Las Vegas. I say this since the first real kick off meeting was at this years.

If you have ideas, criticisms, input of any form, please don't ever hesitate to contact me.

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