Snow Stress

I'm still stressed from the snow.  We ended up getting a good 9-10 inches total of the fluffy white stuff. I had lunch plans with Scott Monty yesterday in Waltham at this awesome little diner called Wilson's. We were to meet at noon which would give us plenty of time to get home before the storm hit since it wasn't suppose to start till sometime after 2.

I was running late and as I sat down I made a comment that the first flakes were falling. By the time we were done eating it was coming down HARD and we knew that lunch wasn't the best idea in the world. It took me a solid hour to get from the diner to the Pike entrance in Watertown and then another 2 to get home. I was running LOW on gas but made it to the rest area to fill up. I had under a gallon when I did.

Everyone home safe I waited for the snow to stop. When it finally calmed down I went to snow blow our drive way. I had started the snowblower just the other day to make sure everything was fine. But, it wasn't my night and it wouldn't start. I tried the pull, the electric starter. Waited an hour in case I flooded it and still nothing. I finally gave up, had a beer and called it a night.

Just now we spent a good 45 minutes shoveling a path so Laura could get the car out of the driveway. Nothing like a bit incline to get up first thing in the morning. We finally did it and instead of being stressed I'm blogging it. As of right now it looks like the kids have school. They are going to be PISSED! I haven't told them yet.

All of this on the top of the fact that I had some meetings yesterday that I really needed to be at and stuff I wanted to work on. Sure, none of us can control the weather, but it still sucks.

Highlight of the night was going out front and playing with Roxie. She loves snow more then the kids and we had a good time. Afterwards she crashed and barely woke up this morning. Guess she had a good time. :)

Snowy Wilson's

Pseudo MIA